Where is the multitasking announcement?

I just updated 'Float', it says the update was to support 'multitasking' and yes it does it! (the app still has the same bugs as before) It started immediately after switching back to it! But there appears to be no new info here for the rest of us paying folks. I'm still looking but I would think this would be a really BIG DEAL! I've been waiting for this and several other 'coming soon' items.

Is this the place to start the discussion again about allowing us to create our own libs to support new features that we need to create our apps? With IOS5 there will be 100's of new APIs while we are still waiting on support for 1000's from previous IOS releases. I have real apps to write and I can't use corona to do it because the support is not there for the APIs I need and they won't let me link in my own libs for some reason that always eludes me. Must have something to do with the green and white round thingie that picked me up the other night...

But that's another story...

Come on Carlos, help us out here!

P.S. Did anyone notice the change to the license in the 1.1 version of the 'Official UI'? It states that your changes to the code may be used in future corona releases with or without your knowledge! Hmm, are they keeping COPIES of ALL our code somehow? And USING it with out any way for us to know! Hmm, not sure I like the direction here.

To be clear, on iOS, there is fast suspend/resume and background tasks. Currently, we haven't been promoting this feature because there are limitations (particularly on the latter, but also on the former). But on iOS, since this is all controlled through the Info.plist, some people have already gotten this to work for them on iOS (via build.settings). You can search the forum UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend.

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